The Power of Positioning     Elite Referral Program 

  • This cannot be more simple.

  • Only involves what you most likely are encountering in your everyday life.

  • No extra work.

  • No financial Investment.

  • This is a win-win for everyone!

  • If you're friendly, like complementing another, your heart is genuine and you'd like to see someone, a business, a place... recognized, congratulated, acknowleged then this is a blessing for all involved. 

  • and the lowest payment is $50 w a high payment of $200 or more ( see below).​ 

  • No Catch!
  • You are given a list of ideas and examples, the brief 5 word sentence that always catches the person's attention and makes them feel good by your asking :-) 

  • If someone comes onboard, depending for which program, campaign, etc ( none of which you have to explain btw), you get paid! That's it .

  • and if they come onboard w a larger campaign or on retainer, your referral payment is even higher.
This truly is a multiple win program. It helps us all and especially since it helps and makes others feel good and brings smiles to hearts and faces which so many need, especially with all that is happening in our lives today.
A Few Simple Examples of How Easy Referring Can Be

  • You've just had a great meal, from beginning to end, whether it was from calling to have food delivered or hopefully, at some restaurant, that is able to have eat in customers again.

  • You had a doc appt and the office staff were friendly, helpful and/or the doctor had a great bedside manner, listened... 

  • Or in the medical example above, you think how great it would be to have your doc recognized or if it is a multiple practitioner office, doing something like we did w the Special Edition for JCA- highlighting the docs, the staff and the practice goes over very well. They need help too. 

  • ​Or you are searching the web or on social and you see a business that particularly catches your heart or eye for services or integrity or ... 

  • Or perhaps you see an especially talented child or young person or a person of any age, for that matter, who has won an award or a sports achievement or scholastic achievement or someone who wants to leave a legacy of info and wisdom --- how happy they'd be to be recognized for their gifts, talents, having overcome challenges...any of these and more like them - that would be stories of inspiration, education, blessings and help that the world would be learning from, enjoying, seeing, hearing, reading about ..

  • Or you may have a blog or podcast. Simply, ask : would you be interested in expounding upon our interview today with some great publicity? .....

  • Or perhaps a great story about a pet or owner or Rescue Organization... 

  • So many ways. So many ideas that come naturally to what you may be doing already in your life and work!  
If you can put yourself in another's shoes or feel what they may be feeling; if it comes naturally to want to see them prosper, feel good, be healthy or ... then referring is easy and it's a "feel good" all the way around! 

It's where I am coming from and who and what I am seeking. It's about helping others, educating others, seeing smiles in their eyes and hearts ... ​It's why do what I do ! That and making certain they are accurately presented ! 
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This truly is a simple, feel good process and a win- win for Everyone!  
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The Power of Positioning     Elite Referral Program 
    Carol A Santella