Hi Carol, 

Wanted to let you know that the ease of this process from our initial chat all the way through to completion of the interview was great. I enjoyed it. It made great sense. The exposure and visibility have been huge! 

So happy too because our interview was educational. It is so much more than a radio spot or interview for a podcast. You said it was "elite" and you weren't kidding. 

Thx so much for even our initial chat. The clarity for a topic that would be best to help others and to share the work I do was spot on. 

This entire experience was a great investment. 
Thx so much Carol.

Let's continue on! 

- Dr Paul Block

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I’m so excited! I did a radio interview with Carol Santella a couple days ago and as Carol put it: “I'm in lights.” 

I made it into the first page of Business Innovators Radio Network in two categories – Latest in Authors and Books and Latest In Lifestyle . 
I had recently updated my LinkedIn account when Carol found me online and approached me with the idea of sharing my physical and nutritional medicine expertise with a bigger audience via a radio interview. 

Because my business is newly budding, it was the perfect fit to get my voice and personality out to the public. What I ended up with was a radio show release that gained a lot of exposure and links for my own personal use for my specific audience.

 I can do all the social media marketing I want, but having my followers hear me speak, attached a sense of love, respect and credibility that really polished my image. 

I am forever thankful for having worked with Carol. Aside from the radio interview, she is always quick to shoot me a message to check-in, keep me updated and share new ideas that go hand in hand with moving my business forward. 

It was a pleasure to work with Carol and I highly recommend her for others who wish to take their business image to the next level.

 Thank you for helping me get the word out!

- Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS

Hi Carol. Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how blown away I am at the results and exposure I have received in less than a week since we did the interview. What with the radio interview, the article submission to Business Innovators Magazine and making the front page of the magazine, what can I say...woohoohoo. 

Love your work. Thanks again.

- Fred Gillen  Australia 

"I am amazed at what Carol Santella can accomplish for those of us who have a dream to share and a passion to pursue! Within 48 hours of her sending out the News Release for "Lullaby Momma", word had traveled to nearly 600 news stations around the world! Carol's expertise in marketing her clients is sure to put her name in the headlines! Thank you Carol for a job well done; which exceeded my expectations! I am excited to be on this path with you, enlightening a waiting world for more news about our journey with "Joy Coaching Around the World"!

Many, many thanks for your expertise and the ease with which you made all of this possible. You're truly a joy to work with! Who would've thought a radio interview could lead to so much?!

Your interviews are an enjoyable and effective way to get useful information to the masses. Much appreciated!  

- Rebecca Troup  Mystical Truths.com

- Karyn Lynn Grant  Joy Coaching America  
- Elizabeth Allen  BodyTalk Utah 

Thank you Carol Santella for your love and belief in all of the women in Joy Coaching, your passion for what you do, as well as your continued encouragement and patience as you created this beautiful Special July 2020 Joy Coaching Edition highlighting a few of us Joy Coaches!

Your marketing magic has come to life in this beautiful Special Edition, and I feel really proud to be a part of it! I love how you have shared the inner beauty and the servant heart of each woman and showcased their unique approach to joy coaching!

I am very grateful for your assistance and expertise in helping us to move our businesses forward with such purposeful intention and love.

You have expanded our hearts and minds to envision new and exciting opportunities and possibilities for our businesses with your high standards of excellence and professionalism. Thank you so much for truly investing in us with all of your passion, love and time. We have all grown to love and appreciate you so much!! THANK YOU!!

August 4, 2020
Chris Arnold, CA
Founder, Living Essentially Strong

I began working with Carol A Santella on a retainer basis ( one of the best decisions I have made) and once again wanted to share my experience with Carol as now my Marketing Manager, Publicist and Business Consultant. 

 Carol has a long range vision which she is able to not only perceive what all the options are, but to conceive a pursuable game plan and objective that works!

Thus far Carol has done 2 News Releases for me; one in 2017 and 1 in 2018. She has brought about an Amazon Best Seller Status with my chapter in Local Business Mavericks, as well as an article in Business Innovators Magazine w Front cover and has given levels of Consulting for my business which go far beyond Marketing and Publicity.

She has created a wonderful "Media Kit" to get the word out that I am an accomplished speaker and educator.

She has done so much more behind the scenes and exercises great patience and faith in me! She is always on time to our zoom appointments and always has the agenda for future projects all laid out and ready to roll! 

She believes in me and in my purpose, calling and mission. She exemplifies great strategic-connector-relator skills that truly are a blessing to me! She offers more than I imagined and has never let me down! As a matter of fact she is constantly exceeding my expectations.

I love her focus, drive, determination and dedication to our common desires to "spread love, joy and peace" and I feel that the mission that I love and believe in, is the mission of her own heart as well.

In short, she is absolutely wonderful in her chosen profession and career and she indeed makes me happy!

Much gratitude Carol! 

  - Karyn Lynn Grant, UTAH  Joy Coaching America  2019
The Certified Regional Joy Coaches who are in the Special Edition of Business Innovators Magazine July 2020 are still holding the top 6 spots in the Health Section! Congratulations!

Carol A Santella  Aug 3, 2020
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